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Satellite Antenna Systems

We have been designing satellite earth stations for years and know what products work and which products don't. We work very close with vendors of satellite equipment and hand pick the ones that meet our vigorous quality control requirements. Our focus is to provide you with a piece of equipment that will continue to work for years to come. We test the equipment before it is used in production, it's not just another sale. This is just another way we make sure vendors are providing high quality products to us and we will stand behind the services we sell. We have installed multiple Satellite Dish Antennas to cover major satellite transponder footprints carrying indian television programs and are ready to expand as per customers requirement. C-Band bandpass filters are installed between a TVRO feedhorn and the LNB to suppress strong out-of band interference caused by WiMAX, Radar and C-Band transmitters. This helps to reject the interference before the signal is processed by the LNB. We use Phase Locked Loop (PLL)Types of LNB which has high performance gains in proccessing DVB mpeg streams.

DVB Receiver Equipment

We use Professional Digital Satellite receivers with ASI and IP input and output interfaces which offers realtime professional receive, demodulation, and descramble capabilities for all broadcast applications, including IP, Satellite, and Cable Head-ends. The receivers are capable of converting the multiprogram transports streams to seperate single program transport streams for easy transmission via internet .The CI interface allows the use of PCMCIA cards with smartcard insertion options for decryption of multicrypt and simulcrypt programs . All major CA sytems can be decrypted like conax,irdeto,nagravision,CTI,DV-crypt,etc.

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